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Recycling Revisited was developed in order to increase public awareness of the citizen recycling movement that began in Burlington in 1970. At the time CCPC (Citizens Committee for Pollution Control) was heavily involved in Canada's first recycling program for household waste. Growing to over 1,000 participants this volunteer-based, city-wide recycling program was maintained until 1983. In 1981, the City of Burlington had taken over with its own recycling program. We believe that this unique effort deserves to be remembered and celebrated. 

Recycling Revisited 

We want to urge people to tell their environmental stories, no matter how small they may seem. All green initiatives deserve to be recognized. 


public awareness

We hope to re-contact as many former CCPC members as possible. Many people in Burlington and even members of current environmental organizations are not aware of or have forgotten what that unique, long-term citizen action accomplished.

We need your help to maintain the importance of recycling and solicit more original documents. 

Recycling Revisited is asking for help in the preparation for writing a book, Cross-Canada historical research, current issues and technologies. Volunteers are needed specifically to assist in contacting a variety of organizations and individuals in Canadian provinces and territories to collect valuable information for our upcoming book. This includes online research, sending questionnaires and telephoning individuals. Volunteers can utilize their research skills and gain traction for our ongoing efforts by studying the beginning of recycling as well as current recycling issues and technologies.Additionally, we also need volunteers, on a periodic basis, to look into issues and assist with fact checking. This would be beneficial for a volunteer who can only help out occasionally. For more information and details, please contact us at the email below. We are also looking for someone to help design a logo/poster for an upcoming project. 

Contact Roberta: rdqmcgregor@gmail.com

We have only one more sequence left to be filmed for the documentary. We are moving into the editing phase. 

We are actively planning a new phase in long-term storage if our archival materials and other documents in a "searchable" form, in consultation with Burlington Historical Society's archivist and Burlington Public Library's technicians. 

To celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, our organization is collecting “150 green stories” to inspire environmental action. 

We are encouraging any interested volunteers to join our organization! Help us celebrate the city-wide recycling movement and increase public awareness on the importance of recycling. Please contact us at: (905) 634-9395 or at rdqmcgregor@gmail.com or visit us at our Facebook page: Recycling Revisited - CPPC.

​- The article must present something you are doing or have done to help the environment, NO MATTER HOW SMALL,
​- You can submit more than one story as long as each is about a different action,
- The submission may be from an individual, group (e.g., classmates) organization or company,
- It must be TYPED,
- It must be a maximum of 800 words,​
- We may edit stories for clarity and grammar.
Prizes will be awarded to the top three stories that are the most unique, inspirational and have the greatest positive impact on the environment.
The deadline for entries will be November 30, 2017.
Send your story to: 150greenstories@gmail.com 

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are you passionate about the environment? looking to make a difference?

Recycling Revisited is made up of people just like you. Our group’s story began in Burlington, Ontario in 1970. You can read about it here.

Today, Recycling Revisited's vision is to ensure that the story of this unprecedented citizen action is brought back into public awareness and memory, and preserved for future generations. That's where we need your help! 

You donation and/or participation will help educate and inspire a future generation of environmentalists and show them what can be done in communities of concerned citizens. Recycling Revisited has many exciting activities underway that need your support. Your gift will help with costs for items such as: filming of our documentary, production of our book, fees for non-profit registration, archiving photos and documents, future events and more. Click on Current Activities to see what we’re up to!

Donors will be recognized on our website, on social media, in the credits of the documentary, the book and on posters at future events. 

Please give today to ensure that this important historical and cultural story can be shared and serve as a positive reminder of what can happen when people get together behind a common purpose. Please click the donate button or visit our donation site here.